A Letter from the President

September 2017

Dear Members and Friends,

As we begin our 104th year, we might pause for a moment to say
“Thanks” to all our previous Boards and members who have kept this dynamic organization going for so long.

As we begin this new year we also thank Joseph Montebello, and his program committee, for a season which will have something of interest for everyone: how to keep ourselves healthier and looking better – inside and out (October, November & February), to a bit of music for the Holidays (December), what’s happening in the world around us, (January & March) and some history (April & May).

To close the year we look forward to the Members’ Tea at the beautiful home of Dale & Quentin Ryan.

Please renew your membership today (envelope enclosed) and think of new friends who would also like to be a part of this wonderful organization. Let the Membership Chairman know, or send the details to: info@womensforumoflitchfield.org.

A reminder, we are now a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Mark your calendars for the first Thursday of the month, beginning October 5th, and see you then.

With all best wishes,

Bibby Veerman

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