Our May Speaker: Sigrid MacRae

Sigrid MacRae photo May 2016

The Women’s Forum of Litchfield welcomes Sigrid MacRae to speak about her book “A World Elsewhere: An American Woman in Wartime Germany” beginning at 2:30pm on Thursday, May 5, at the Litchfield Community Center at 421 Bantam Road in Litchfield.

Sigrid MacRae was born in Germany, her father a Baltic German aristocrat exiled from St. Petersburg by the Russian revolution and her mother an orphaned American debutante from Hartford he had met in Paris. This unusual alliance that shaped their children’s lives was chronicled by his sixth child in a remarkable and touching book.

MacRae’s father was killed on the Russian Front four months before she was born. Her mother, an American citizen, was left with six children in a country soon at war with her own. She survived the war and eventually returned to the U.S. with her children. MacRae was educated in America and in Europe, and spent much of her professional life as an editor. She is also co-author of “Alliance of Enemies; The Untold Story of the Secret American and German Collaboration to End World War II” and is now at work on another book.

The event will be open to non-Forum members with a $10 fee at the door, which includes a reception.  For more information, call 860-605-7207 or email womensforumoflitchfield.org.


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