Our May Speaker: Sally Andersen-Bruce

Sally Andersen-Bruce with silver bellsThe Women’s Forum of Litchfield welcomes Sally Andersen-Bruce, an acclaimed photographer from New Milford, to speak on “From S&H Green Stamps to U.S. Postage Stamps” at the Litchfield Community Center at 421 Bantam Road in Litchfield on Thursday, May 7, beginning at 2:30pm.

Ms. Andersen-Bruce graduated with honors from the Art Center of Design in Pasadena, California and is a former student of award-winning graphic designer James Miho.  She has worked with museums and global design workshops as well as taken photos of corporate executives and products for annual reports and websites.  Her greatest artistic challenge, however, lies in creating photographs that can visually translate to a one-inch image that is instantly recognizable. Her exacting attention to detail, design sense and perseverance come into play as she creates her most impressive showcase: creating images for some of the most popular postage stamps.

Although designing postage stamps is a laborious, bureaucratic and not very lucrative endeavor, it brings her stunningly simple images to an extremely wide audience.  She says, “My stamp sales are in the billions because my press runs are so large.  Probably everyone reading this has seen my work and probably many have used my stamps, although I bet not one knows my name”

In addition to her holiday stamp designs such as gingerbread houses, snowmen and holiday nutcrackers, she has also photographed a subject close to her heart: shelter pets.  She has photographed animals at the Little Guild of St. Francis shelter in Cornwall and met talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who helped dedicate one of the USPS’s biggest animal rescue series in California.  One of her favorite animal subjects is her own Irish setter, Brenna.

The event will be open to non-Forum members with a $10 fee at the door, which includes a High Tea reception. The contacts for more information are 860.605.7027 and womensforumoflitchfield.org…

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