A Letter from the President of Women’s Forum

LWF BannerDear Forum Members,

Welcome to the 101st year of the Women’s Forum of Litchfield!

Our centennial year was an enormous success and I thank each and every one of you for your enthusiastic participation. It was a year of remarkable speakers and presenters, as well as increased membership numbers. I am sure our founding “mothers” are looking down with pride.

It is evident that this year’s Program Committee has been hard at work and we look forward to another season of interesting and diverse presenters. We hope you will spread the ”good word” about our organization to everyone you know. Guests are always welcome and are encouraged to become members.

We are more than grateful to Kathleen Ehrlich, the very talented daughter of Judy Hogan and husband Tom, who established our new web site. It will open all sorts of avenues of communication among members, as well as sharing information with prospective members and our community. Please take a moment and add it to your “favorites.”

To quote Harriet Hubbard, one of our founders: In 1914 a group of women of Litchfield “foresaw the need for women to assemble and participate in the exchange of viewpoints and talents; and then to relax in friendship and goodwill over tea and let those feelings permeate the community.”

Let us carry on with this tradition for another 100 years!

All my best,
Kathy Thompson

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